SEP Partner program for Reseller: Working together for joint goals

Many steps are necessary to fit customer requirements for a perfect data availabilty solution. We work together with our partners in an effective relationship to realize the planning, the coordination and implementation of SEP software products.

As a SEP partner, your company has a great advantage through SEP's expertise in the field of data availabilty. You get the SEP developer know-how in support and consulting, and you profit from the top purchase price to achieve your projects together with your customers.

Do you have a goal? Let us reach this goal together. Select one of our three partner levels, which depend on your companies SEP product knowledge, your capacities and your experiences.

Show your strength in your specific field of IT-business together with SEP´s product potential. Be one step ahead of your competitors through successful SEP marketing and training.

Program levels to the goal:

The higher you set your goals, the more we demand from your company.

The higher the level you aim for, the more attractive the benefits you will receive from SEP are.


Get a SEP certificate without being a partner. Improve your skills by taking part in one of our training events!