Backup voor Courier, Cyrus en Dovecot

De IMAP server is volledig geïntegreerd in de SEP sesam client en wordt beheert vanuit een gecentraliseerde management console. Dankzij onze encryptie technologie kan data betrouwbaar worden opgeslagen. Enkel geautoriseerde mensen krijgen toegang tot de bestanden.

Als organisaties groeien zijn nieuwe extensies noodzakelijk om nieuwe apparaten en besturingssystemen te ondersteunen. Om opslagruimte te besparen is het mogelijk om gebruik te maken van gecombineerde cloud, disk en bijvoorbeeld tape backups.


Key Features
Restore of single mail items and complete mailboxes
Management Interface Integration
Search box to find emails quickly in the Recovery Wizard
Support of WORM Media to compliantly store emails
Backup of multiple versions
Supports Cyrus, Dovecot, Courier IMAP
Graphical Front-End
Backup Methods
Backup Types
Full, differential,
incremental, copy

individual mailbox,
single email


Using the SEP IMAP module, the IMAP server is fully integrated into the enterprise-wide backup solution and managed through a single management interface. More than 70% of a company's data can be stored in emails and mail-systems' storage utilities for business relevant data and information. Utilizing integrated encryption technology from AES and Blowfish, stored data is protected from unauthorized access, which is particularly important if tapes are removed from storage.

Disaster Recovery

The SEP Bare Metal Recovery module for IMAP executes a complete recovery of the IMAP server, including its operating system, in minutes. This also applies to everything from the partitioning of hard drives and creating of the bootloader (also multiboot), to the installation of all operating systems and programs.


With the SEP management interface, a single email or complete mailbox can be restored within seconds. The SEP restore wizard allows users to restore their selected items at the original destination path or any destination of their choosing. During backups and restores, no interruptions occur within the mail system when receiving or sending emails.

Callback Service