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Learn all about SEP sesam backup and recovery solutions and get your knowledge certified

The SEP training and certification program are comprehensive sales and technical training courses specifically designed for you as a SEP partner or reseller. Here you will learn how to use SEP sesam's backup, disaster recovery, deduplication and virtualization solutions to successfully implement your projects in small or large environments. Become a SEP Partner and reach the next partner level with the SEP trainings.

With the SEP training program you make it to the top. Our backup experts continuously train your sales and technical staff in a variety of training programs, technical workshops and webinars. Keep up to date with the latest product developments and deepen your knowledge of the SEP solutions Products With the certification trainings SBA and SCA you can work your way up to SEP Gold Partner - we will help you. It's time to train yourself and teach the competition.

SEP sesam is a proven and powerful backup, restore & disaster recovery solution for enterprise-wide use in any IT environment.

Almost all operating systems, hypervisors, databases and groupware solutions can be addressed with SEP sesam and included in a comprehensive backup concept.

In this webinar you will learn the basics about the architecture of SEP sesam and the numerous possibilities for securing different environments.

See in the live demo how the arc is stretched from the basic configuration and the classical backup in physical and virtual environments over the disaster recovery up to the revision-safe storage of data.

Webinar Contents:

  • Basic configuration of the backup environment - from Datastore to Tape Library
  • Handling backup media - media handling, retention policy and readability test
  • Creating Backup Jobs - SEP Client Browser
  • Securing Virtual Environments - Possibilities and Limits of Hypervisors
  • Backup of database and groupware systems - examples from the Microsoft and Linux world
  • Restore - efficient management (e.g. plannable restore) of stored data brings fast availability
  • Communication channels in SEP sesam - Interfaces and reports
  • subject to change

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              Your SEP training team

              The two-day intensive training course for SEP sesam Basic Administrator (SBA) is aimed at technical personnel of our customers and partners and provides basic knowledge for efficient configuration and administration of SEP sesam.

              • Requirements for the installation Operation of the SEP sesam in a network environment
              • Basics: SEP sesam processes and directory structure
              • SEP sesam Components
              • Handling the graphical user interface (GUI)
              • Basic setup (jobs, schedules, media pool, drive groups)
              • Backup, restore and migration with SEP sesam
              • Backup Strategies - Conceptual Approaches to Media Management
              • Basics: gateways
              • Status information, performance monitor, media filter

              Prerequisite for the SEP Premier Partner Gold Status SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA)

              The three-day intensive training as SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA) is aimed at technical personnel and provides in-depth knowledge to be able to install, manage and support SEP sesam.

              • New functions and modules of SEP sesam
              • Administration of SEP sesam with command line and graphical interface
              • Detection and configuration of connected storage hardware
              • Connection check and throughput detection in the backup network
              • Configuration of interfaces such as PRE and Notify
              • Introduction to the logfile and directory structures of SEP sesam
              • Evaluation and analysis of log files
              • Differences between externally and internally controlled database backup communication
              • Update procedure and licensing
              • Support structures and escalation options
              • Final testing and certification

              Prerequisite for SEP Premier Partner Platinum 

              4th SEP Technical Refresh Training (STR) - Requirement for SEP Premier Partner Status

              The SEP Technical Refresh Training is aimed at administrators of SEP system house partners. A SEP sesam Certified Administrator (SCA) certification or the participation in a SEP sesam Basic Administrator (SBA) training is a prerequisite to register for this training. In the SEP Technical Refresh the participants receive best practice information and a comprehensive update to the latest SEP sesam version.

              • Installation, configuration and best practice setup
              • New functions and modules
              • Licensing and upgrade of existing environments
              • Support basics and escalation options

              5th SEP sesam Sales Refresh (SSR) - Prerequisite for the annual receipt of the Premier Partner status

              Up-to-date information on SEP‘s products and an expansion of existing knowledge form the basis for further (sales) success of the sales partner.

              • The SEP Partner Lounge - Access, Overview, Content
              • Increase sales and retain customers 
              • The SEP Sales Toolbox - everything you need to do business
              • The SEP Wiki 
              • The latest features of the new SEP sesam 
              • SEP CAPS Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Restore for SaaS applications (e.g. MS 365)
              • Marketing, visibility, brand awareness
              • Social media platforms and video portals - essential for marketing
              • LinkedIn, XING, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, GoToStage

              SEP sesam Ready Certification

              Certification of software and hardware solutions - Reach more customers!

              The SEP Ready certification is proof of the trusting cooperation and reliable data backup and recovery between the hybrid backup solution SEP sesam and the manufacturers of hardware and software solutions. We work closely with our OEM partners, from midsize to enterprise, which enables the optimal choice of an ideal backup strategy, professional know-how and personal support from both sides. As SEP we provide our partners with the SEP ready certification as a free quality seal. This proof makes it much easier for users to choose the optimal backup environment. We go through the certification process together with you and test the backup appliance and compatible software solutions based on SEP sesam.

              Inclusion in the list of supported storage hardware

              Higher level of awareness through SEP marketing measures

              Brand awareness with product-specific logo

              Personal Manufacturer Support

              Competitive advantages over the competition

              Certification as a quality feature for the company

              Strengthening customer loyalty

              Certified partnerships create trust

              Become SEP Ready now and benefit!

              • Simple online registration
                Fill out an application form and provide a primary contact person for your company
              • Testing and verifying the compatibility of your product
                After registration, our SEP specialists will contact you and test the compatibility of both solutions together with you
              • Testing and approval
                After your product verification has been approved, you will receive the certification status and the SEP Ready logo

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