Data protection in the healthcare sector - Protect your patients with SEP

Challenges of Cybercrime, Backdoors, GDPR and Adaptability for social and public intuitions. 

In the healthcare sector, medical practices, hospitals, and other medical care facilities face challenging conditions that make effective IT design difficult. With the constant innovations in technology, limited financial resources and complex legal requirements place high demands on data processing and security. Expectations of efficient administration and customer-oriented service are constantly increasing.

To meet these requirements, many public institutions in the healthcare sector rely on proven technology solutions such as the backup software SEP sesam. SEP, a German company based south of Munich, not only offers reliable backup and recovery solutions, but also cross-platform disaster recovery and audit-proof archiving in accordance with GDPdU requirements.

In times of wiretapping scandals, ransomware and cyber attacks, the issue of data security is becoming increasingly important, especially in sensitive areas such as the healthcare sector. SEP sesamoffers a reliable backup solution to protect both sensitive patient and corporate data while ensuring the continuity of medical care.

Thanks to SEP's many years of experience and expertise in the field of data backup, healthcare facilities have been relying on this proven solution for many years. SEP sesam helps you to successfully meet the challenges of a modern IT landscape in the healthcare sector with the highest security standards.

Why is data backup so crucial for hospitals?

Hospitals are increasingly dependent on digital data, be it for patient records, medical images or administrative processes. The loss or corruption of this sensitive information can have serious consequences, from compromising patient care and safety to legal ramifications.

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Why SEP as a data backup solution?

1. customized solutions: SEP adapts to the individual requirements of each clinic, hospital or healthcare facility and offers customized data backup solutions that are precisely tailored to specific needs.

2. cost-conscious pricing: We strive to provide you with cost-effective solutions that offer excellent return on investment (ROI). This gives you high quality data backup services at a great value without compromising on quality.

3. innovative data protection technologies: SEP uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest security standards for your data. This includes advanced encryption techniques, access management and regular backups.

4. technical support and consulting services: Our dedicated team not only guides you through the implementation of our solutions, but also provides ongoing support and regular checks to ensure that your data protection is always running smoothly.

5. disaster recovery: SEP support is characterized by fast response times in emergency situations with comprehensive support from our experienced specialists. We are available to help you recover your health data quickly and have many years of expertise in this field.

6. flexible licensing options: SEP gives you flexible licensing without the constraints of a subscription. This gives you control over your spending and allows you to customize your data protection solutions to your needs.

7. protection against cyberattacks and ransomware: SEP integrates advanced security mechanisms into SEP Sesam to protect healthcare organizations from cyberattacks and ransomware that could compromise the integrity and confidentiality of data.

8. competitve upgrade offer: SEP professionally supports hospitals or healthcare facilities and offers advantageous conditions when switching to our data protection solutions. Our experienced team is on hand to ensure a smooth transition and provide optimal data protection.

SEP is proud to offer not only state-of-the-art technology, but also a comprehensive technical consulting services that ensures your data protection is seamlessly integrated into your hospital's operations. Trust SEP to keep your data secure so you can focus on providing healthcare.

Frequently asked questions about data backup in the healthcare sector:

What technologies and methods are used for data backup in healthcare?

Healthcare organizations rely on state-of-the-art data protection technologies like those from SEP AG. Our solutions provide robust backup and recovery capabilities, including deduplicated data storage, encryption and seamless integration with cloud infrastructures. With these advanced methods, we ensure the security and availability of sensitive patient data in the healthcare industry.

What data should be backed up regularly in a hospital?

In a hospital, all sensitive patient data, medical records and administrative information should be backed up regularly to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data. SEP AG offers customized data backup solutions that are designed to protect this important data and enable reliable recovery when needed.

Do SEP's data protection solutions meet the legal requirements in the healthcare industy?

Healthcare data protection solutions must comply with legal requirements, such as HIPAA in the US or GDPR in the EU. SEP's solutions are designed to meet these legal requirements and ensure the highest level of data protection.

What role does recovery time play in the healthcare sector?

Recovery time plays a crucial role in healthcare as it minimizes downtime after a data loss. SEP supports you with recovery options to ensure that your hospital operations can resume as quickly as possible.

How can SEP help implement effective data protection?

SEP can help you implement effective data protection by developing customized solutions, providing training and working closely with your healthcare organizations team to ensure your data is reliably protected.

How secure is your hospital data during the backup process?

The security of your hospital data during the backup process is of paramount importance. SEP AG offers state-of-the-art backup solutions with encryption technologies and strict security protocols to protect your data during transfer and storage. Regular audits and compliance measures ensure that your sensitive information remains secure and intact.


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