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A new species of SEP Hybrid Backup

"Nothing is as constant as change" (Heraclitus of Ephesus). According to this motto SEP sesam is constantly developed further and adapted and optimized to the changing requirements of IT environments. The latest version SEP sesam Grolar offers extensions for virtual environments, now supports 6 hypervisors, new backup targets/technologies both on-premise and in the cloud and offers advanced security options.

Release Notes

New backup targets/ technologies

- S3 Cloud Replication
- Storage Snapshots of NetApp
- SUSE Enterprise Storage

Enhancement for virtual environments

- 6. Hypervisor: OpenNebula Support
- Hyper-V Single File Restore
- VMware on Nutanix
- Citrix XEN nativ INC (CBT)

Advanced Security Options

- Authorization - Specification of access rights and roles
- Simplification through authentication via AD (Active Directory)/LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 

Simplification and Extensions

- Ease of use
- More Reporting
- More useful features

SEP Grolar - Out now!

SEP sesam Grolar - New Features

Backup on HPE Storeonce 

Replicate your Data in the Cloud

  • Dedup on Backup Server or RDS
  • For all backup types
  • Linux and Windows
  • StoreOnce V3/V4
  • Support of immutability
  • HPE certified
  • VMware Single File Restore and Instant Recovery
  • Adding Stores
  • Add users and permissions
  • Encryption
  • bandwidth limitations

Proxmox VE

  • Proxmox is a very easy to use Open-Source Server Virtualization
  • Proxmox is based on QEMU/KVM
  • SEP sesam: GUI-based backup and restore of Proxmox VMs
  • Live FULL backup of persistant Proxmox virtual machines via snapshot
  • Live FULL backup of LXC (LinuX Container)
  • Backup of VM and Container configuration
  • Easy restore of complete Proxmox virtual machines and configuration
  • New task type Proxmox
  • Uses Proxmox API and snapshot tools
  • Restore via GUI or web-based self service restore wizard

Ultimate Citrix Hypervisor Support

Ultimate Citrix Hypervisor Support

  • You only mount the virtual disks read-only from the backup
  • Select and restore single FULL-, DIFF- and INC Backup

VMware Sandbox Restore

Restore a VM to a protected network for safety reasons!

  • Select „Sandbox restore“ from the WebUI
  • Select a separate network segment
  • Select one or more VMs to restore and activate

Java 11 & OpenJDK 11

Updates for Oracle Java are no longer available for free without a commercial license for companies, commercial applications and productive systems.

  • Freely available Open Source version
  • Can be used instead of Oracle Java
  • Available for Windows and Linux distributions

New GUI Design

  • Support for HiDPI displays added (4K and higher)
  • Complete new icon set
  • Dialog and view layout refresh 
  • Out of the box support for Unicode glyphs
  • Custom font selection
  • Restore wizard refresh
  • Summary page added
  • Location filter support (i.e. Backups view)
  • Report generation on location level
  • Switching from tree to table
  • Quickfilter support added
  • Utilization bar for view of data stores

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